Thursday, May 21, 2015

SAGA and the Bowl of Pudding

Food porn's been busy - I sat down after a long day and realized I needed to proof (yeah, you likely won't believe me, but yes I actually proof read this) and post my blog.  I got off the couch with the intention of fetching my lappie and publishing a blog...yet I found myself back on the couch with a bowl of pudding!  Pudding consumed - blog being published.  Priorities...

The day began much like any other day...I woke up.  The major question of the day - to go or not to go to the SAGA fundraiser tonight.  Being a guy that is finely tuned to all the energies and 'signs' that come my way (by now anyone that knows me is wondering how many Colorado Brownies I ate...none...), I studied the rain as it fell ever harder in the morning.  When it hit the "cat and dogs" level of pouring rain I decided to heed the sign: I must support the cats and dogs of San Pedro - a fundraising I will go!  TRUTH - it did rain 'cats and dogs' this morning but I didn't think of the reference till my bother said "funny it was raining cats and we're supporting cats and dogs" when we were at the event.

The event of the day - SAGA Humane Society was having a cook-off!  Looking back at the handy dandy FaceBook event dealie-whopper I see they had free shots...not sure how I missed that...but I did. These fine folks do a lot of good for the 4 legged...actually we have to really just call them cats and dogs around here cause I've seen more than one that doesn't have 4 legs...friends.  You should totally like their FaceBook page and stop by to walk some dogs!

Was I rolling at the VIP table?  No.  Did I want to be?  No.  I got to sit with my pals, in the corner - nice deep bench with fabulous cushions.  Luna Loca is a cool venue.  Spent some time there over Easter weekend and had a good time then too. Friendly staff, good drinks, fun specials...good place to check out.  I don't get there much cause it's outside this hermits 3 block radius - but you should check 'em out.

On to the meat of the cook-off...and really the main reason I went.  First, I really need to apologize, I'm about to say things that will not be appreciated (especially by my biggest fan the unnamed travel writer that loves me so very much); won't mention who these dishes belonged too, and I certainly won't hold it against them beyond the confines of this event.  I was last in line (too much time chatting), and these fines folks gave of their time and resources to help this great event - so kudos to them!!  But I still have to critique, so on to the "what the heck did you come to a cook off with out enough food awards" - #1 - Bacon Wrapped Dates, #3 - Ginger Peanut Butter Sauce and Carrots (to be fair I got some carrots), #5 - Tropical Cheese Meatballs, #6 - Chicken kabob with Peanut Butter Sauce.  Yeah 1/2 the field failed to make it to end of the race.

Food Porn
It must be noted, that Victoria generously donated her meatball to me.  Apparently the slight hint of spice (that I adored) was too much for her fare pallet...good news for me.  Had the meat ball made it to the end of the race I MIGHT have voted for it.  It would've been top two for sure.  Even though I ate one I could not in good conscience vote for someone that didn't complete the event. This left me with #8 as the clear winner.  Licks was responsible for this little slice of heaven.  Very well cooked, the chutney was perfect and complimented the sesame tempura fish excellently.  The presentation was also astonishing; the only garnished dish that was served.  Spot on from plating to pallet - my vote - and the peoples vote - Congratulations to Licks on the event win!!

It was a good evening.  Not a late night, just quick enough to feel relaxed, but not too slow that you got bored between eating/raffle/speech/etc.  SAGA put on a great event again.  I'm not sure what the overall financial donation total will be - but while I was there they received two generous donations from anonymous sources; one for $1000 BZ and another for $300 BZ.

It should also be noted that SAGA needs help!  Cash is good, but you know what else can be great - your time.  Animals love companionship - and that's tough when you're in a cage.  So one day when you get bored why not head over and take some dogs for a walk?! Can be a great time.

Well...good deed done for the day.  Time to go chat with hot chicks online all night.