Saturday, December 27, 2014

So...that was Christmas?

Electric trees at The Phoenix
I've struggled mightily with where to go with this post - it was Christmas and all; but do I just talk about my experience, do I lament a Colorado Christmas, do I get all emotional? Well I'm going to try and do a combo here...cause it was all of those, so I suppose I owe it to you to attempt a recreate of that. However I will do so in clearly defined sections (FYI - I failed); whereas the reality was much more of a mish-mash kinda thing going on (yeah, that is how this posted ended up...for the most part).

The night of the 24th, that's Christmas eve of course, is usually a time of family, a time of calm.  As a kid I'd've been at church, singing carols.  In my adult life I'd spent many Christmas Eves doing just the same.  The saddest part of the 2014 model for Christmas was the snow...or more accurately stark lack there of.  This one did have rum, and Jager, and more rum.  Though the picture on the right would make one think I drank more than my share; this was not the case.  I'm just okay looking like an idiot.  I won some Crazy 8s, hung out with DJ A.Hoy (aka Johnny BoomBox) and sat in a bar that had a bunch of dudes and only two chicks (other than the bar tender) just so happened those two chicks were at my table! SCORE!  Before anyone gets too excited, it was DJ A.Hoy's wife (aka - The Untaggable One, aka Sara), and Karen (Sara's mom) - good company for sure.  They pretty much dominated me at Crazy 8s, but I did win the last game before it was time to put a wig on and allow Linda (another girl arrived!) to live out her life long dream of braiding an ornament in my beard.

Eric (Superman), me and Raquel (Ms. Belize)
After that thrilling shin dig Johnny BoomBox and I dropped the ladies off and and hit the town in real guy night style - one drink, some street tacos, and in bed \before the big hand on my watch had gone around another turn.

I did however get a picture with Ms. Belize!!  I kinda want to go to Lola's now...but I'd rather finish this post and go to bed - we're REALLY busy right now (my brother just informed "I am" accompanying him to Sanbar...okay...twist my arm).

Eric wearing "the wig"
I never knew I had a Mexican brother till now
Christmas morning was much more like Christmas afternoon - had to work a 1/2 day in the am...first time I've worked a Christmas in I don't know how many years!  I can't tag my brother cause that annoys him; but I can apparently post pictures of him wearing the "Ambergris Caye Drunken Wig of Power" (as I have so coined the wig) and post the picture.  It was also nice that this year I really wanted nothing; no material needs down here - so much about life here that everyone should experience.  I did score some sweet gifts, including but not limited to a Wallet Ninja, excellent multi tool, bad ass shirts (including a new Master Baiter them), and the DVD & book set about the making, and post experiences of all the folks involved with Northern Exposure - my favorite TV show of all time.
Our Tree
Family opening gifts

It didn't feel like Christmas.  There was no time off, there was very little family, there was no snow, there were minimal just didn't feel like Christmas.  It doesn't help that these last few weeks have been beyond emotionally confusing on so many levels - yet another slew of unfinished blog posts that will likely NEVER see the light of of the innocent and all (I point at that but in reality I'm still not very good at baring my heart to all...or any really).  It's been a lot of years since I didn't have a nice home cooked breakfast; it was either chorizo burritos or sausage cheese muffins for the last dozen years.  This year it was the 'Belizean Breakfast' at Red Ginger (which I will say is an excellent place to eat; just like all the other unique places on this island...hope this pleases a certain travel writer I upset in a previous post).

Parker, lady I don't know, Victoria and Aimee at the Pig Roast
Victoria the Muffin Nosed Reindeer
Christmas dinner was killer. Sandbar had a Pig and Turkey Roast that was to die for - how much you ask?  $0 - family pot luck style.  I can't wait for the 2nd Annual, and I'm very happy to be able to partake in the 1st Annual.
I ate a lot of meat that night...
The highlight of the night may or may not have been when Parker and I may or may not have split a muffin with each putting 1/2 in each mouth and ripping it apart...allegedly.

David, Linda, Easton, Sue, Eric at the Pig Roast
The 26th was another 1/2 day of work - 1/2 day of fun.  This time the fun was taking the whole Ecologic Team out on a nice little sail with snacks, music, and beverages.  I have no pictures cause Pops took about a million and they are on his camera...and likely will be for rest of eternity. Lots of hanging out and relaxing, lots of wind in my hair, lots of easy ways to impress kids - like the feeding the birds with the hand trick; kids love that and I haven't lost a finger yet.  Charlie and I also had a nice moment with Janel...we "Night at the Roxbury'd" her a good one.  When Charlie and I get going you can't get away to save your life!

My friend Barbara posted about how Christmas just wasn't the same this year (her and her hubby's first on the island as well).  I can certainly echo that (and I do paraphrase this from her) - though we live in a physical paradise, many people really don't realize that it isn't an emotional paradise.  No longer paraphrasing, back to my thoughts.  The contrast can be staggering between the sunny beauty that surrounds us here daily, and the dark sadness that can invade the lives of those in this wonderland.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not is some state of deep depression.  I do feel some sadness about many things; however have both decided to not talk about them and I tend to look at the bright side anyway...I like to earn the moniker "Optimist Prime" as given by Tristan.  So anyway, I will look to an entire ocean of possibilities, the friends I've made (both here and abroad), the friends and family back home (I didn't realize I referred to some unknown place in the States as "home" till the 3rd proof read - my subconscious obviously does not find this paradise to be home), and the mountain of challenges that I like to call opportunities.

The New Year will bring some great things...but that's another blog.  Merry Christmas friends, family, people I have yet to meet, and people I'll never meet.    

Buddy loves a Christmas Tree
Bailey loves the lights

Thursday, December 11, 2014

We Lit it Up!!

"We Won the Mayor's Award" - by
Who doesn't love a good parade?!  Let me tell you - Belizeans love a parade.  The first month I was here I think they paraded every weekend. Never before have I seen such anxious and happy paraders. In the interest of full disclosure; I myself am not much of a parade fan.  Christmas lights, boats, water, and friends...I can handle that and heck - I'll even parade on it.

Of course it helps to leave a winner too!  An afternoon of stringing lights, a few hours putting around on a boat drinking Captain Beav's Famous Panty Ripphas with friends, and cruising down the coast line while the masses on the beach cheer and cheer, and we wave and wave.  I suppose there is something fun about a parade.  My inner parading Belizean is getting out a bit more I suppose.
SPBRC Boat by Karen Brodie Photography
 I successfully dodged most of the heavy lifting in the decorating game - "working" has its benefits!  Actually I really was working, but work isn't work when you love what you do right. Anyway, after creating a nice batch of Captain Beav's Panty Ripphas it was time to decorate.  So I headed over to the Ambergris Diver's dock (thanks for the boat chaps...mine will be in action next year) and strung lights for an hour or so - the crew had things well in hand prior to my arrival.
DJ Matt & the Smoking Lounge was on the upper deck - by
After that is was cruising fun with friends, cheering, waving, and other such general parade type festivities.  I got to practice my ninja skills when Sara dropped a flash light off the upper deck; using my matrix/ninja ability I successfully snagged it if a no look behind the back grab as it was about to plunge into its final resting place.  OR. It fell on the foot rail to the bow, then slide down and literally landed in my hand.  One of those is true - my new friend Robyn was there chatting with me and witnessed the whole thing.  She can verify that the first version may be a true fact...maybe.  

Gotta also say - DJ Matt spun a nice little mix that had my man John Denver singing Country Roads in a whole new way.  Way to spin it Matt (or what ever terminology you use to give some positive credit to the DJ).  

Screw it - getting really tired of formatting this blog around pictures you'll just have to read now and look at pictures later - if that's too challenging...well I don't blame you.  I'm the one that has deemed it too challenging to format any longer!

After Party was of course at Lola's (photo Trevor Manager/Owner is down below).  Was a good time - love spending Holiday hours with friends.  Thank you Laurie (better known as, and Karen Brodie (Karen Brodie Photography) for the pics - I hope I credited you both appropriately. Thank you David as well for paying people to pose with me and posting it on Facebook in an attempt to extort $20 out of me...didn't work buddy!

Next year I'm thinking both Cats will be entered.  Now accepting ideas for decorations.  Santa riding a shark won the grand prize this year.  We can beat that people!!

My Belizean life lesson for the day - It may not be a Colorado Christmas...but that doesn't mean it can't be an awesome Christmas. 
David paid these ladies a lot of money to I figured I should at least post the picture!  Thank you David for being the life of the party - and the only pirate I'd let board by dinghy...that sounds bad. by Karen Brodie Photography
Karen Brodie by
Afterparty at Lola's by

Santas and Elves by

Trevor by Karen Brodie Photography

Parker's Choice for Photobomb of the night - by
Dragon - by Karen Brodie Photography

Lucky Devil - by Karen Brodie Photography

Shark - by Karen Brodie Photography

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Battle with the Sea

There are two things that you know are always going to lead to a good story:

  • "So shit, there I was..."
  • "Hey, hold my beer..."
  • I like bullet points, and "things in threes" - so this is a third bullet point; although completely useless...pretty much made my day
First you must know that the tale told did happen.  The events that you are about to read are 100% based in reality; the identity of the people has not been changed...cause I'm more than happy for all of you to know about the events that nearly ended my life.  

It was a dark and stormy night, a front blowing in heavy from the North.  Damn this Belizean winter. My brother and I, heroically crossing the sea, reaching the dock.  Eric skillfully navigated through the traitorous shallows as we approached the island, our dock, and our safe haven for the night. Now - to tie up.  

Waves were crashing over the back of our tiny vessel; like the constant bat of a cat with a mouse - the ocean knew it could take us at any moment.  Unbeknownst to us it had started a series of events that nearly did just that.  Those waves had taken the back tie line off our stern, so as I grabbed the pole and reached for the bow tie the engine wrapped the line on the prop.  Stopping it dead.  

So shit...there I was.  My upper half perilously strung over the ocean, hands tightly grasping the dock line for the bow.  My lower half, knees and feet, desperately searching to find purchase on a hold. Eric straddling the engine in a mad attempt to free our prop and re-gain propulsion ability.  If I failed I knew our fate - the torrent of waves would crash us in the rock, destroying us along with our craft. The heavy swell buffeted the boat up and down.  

Then, an enormous wave, perhaps a baby tsunami, lifted the boat high in the air.  As we reached the wave's crest I found myself thankful to still be holding the rope - that thankfulness soon turned to dread.  As the boat dropped quickly I knew my fate.  Gravity no longer held me on the boat, that tiny bit of lift stole my friction...into "The Abyss" I went.  Side note - my brother hasn't seen that movie?! What is wrong with the youth today?  Sorry - into "The Abyss" I went.

The ocean had swallowed me whole, if only on a very temporary basis.  It was not long that realized my phone was in my pocket - considering my self lucky to not succumb to electrocution.  My dedication to the safety of the whole had not passed; my hands still grasped the line and now I struggled to grab the boat before it took Eric to a rocky doom.  

With one last effort the fingers on my right hand met their target; hooking into the bow clip.  I pulled the boat over and clipped the line.  I was wet, but we had docked.  We were was far from safe.  There it was - my leg was hit by a creature from the depths.  In a flash I remembered the creature we had seen just before the events that began this story - Bruce, our resident Bull shark.  

My blood was streaming into the water, from the horrific injury on my hand (sustained pulling the boat to the rope), and I knew "he" was out there - this wasn't over.  My brother had tied the stern on the dock; not realizing that prevented me from climbing to safety. He quickly untied and brought the boat out.  Allowing me to shoot up out of the water, and back onto the boat.

I was water logged, missing some skin, fingers a bit crushed, down a phone - but alive, and with a story to tell.  Poseidon let us go this night.  Though I have no doubt, we have not seen the last his antics.      

Truth time? - that basically did happen; but the shark was there a couple hours, not moments before I went in; there aren't enough rocks on the shore to sink a dinghy; the water barely comes up mid thigh in most of the places I was standing; waves were maybe at .5 meteres; winds at maybe 5-10 knots; I lost maybe a tablespoon of blood from my "gruesome" injury...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Updates on my Belizean Life

I realize it's been awhile sine an update - not intentional...just happen to be working far more than playing.  That tends not to make the best updates (well some of this stuff would, but shouldn't really be public information).

"Other Buddy" Status - So there's this local homeless guy, member of the "Red Top Society" (a collection of rum addicted folks), named Marcos Ash.  He's a most excellent member of society, served in the Belizean military under our very own boat captain Charlie.  Unfortunately he found a rum bottle one day and never found his way out.  Despite his station in life he cleans the beach, fishes, washes people golf carts, and keeps an eye out for all of us in the neighborhood.  He knows my parents by name (and Koda!), he also knows my brother by name...Kendall is apparently too tough.  Despite the fact that I was the first to learn his name; oh well.  I used to be "BUDDY!!" when we walked down the street; now Eric is 'Buddy', and I am 'other buddy' or '2nd buddy'.  I'm okay with it - as long as I'm his buddy.

Lion Fish Hunting (Shark Wrestling) - Lion Fish hunting inevitably leads to shark wrestling.  I've only been out hunting once so far, but as soon as these silly tourists stop filling my dive boats - I'm going again!  Killed 5 of the little coral killing fish slaughtering bastards (it's my blog and I'll curse if I want to).  By far the best part of is making friends with nurse sharks.

See the nurse sharks actually recognize the spears and will start to follow when you enter the water.  Once you kill your first Lion Fish - it's game on.  They will usually shoot into the cave and pull the fish off the spear before you can even get it out of the cave.  Once the shark got in a cave too quick (before me) so I literally had to reach down, grab the shark and pull him out...then I went in for the kill.  Sure in retrospect perhaps pulling a shark out of a cave so I could go in front of him...not the brightest thing I'd done that day.  However I'm pretty sure this shark knew we were friends.  He started finding the fish and taking me to them!  He would come hit my spear or actually nudge me, then swim off - finally I followed him (figured Timmy fell in a well or something).  Sure enough the little guy (5 foot shark) was showing me Lion Fish...genius.  All beats were off when the 13 foot Reef shark started circling.  That's when you put the spear away and point at the guy beside you, 'pretty sure he did it Mr. Shark.'

Paddle Boarding (and falling, and falling, and falling) - I'm like totally a professional paddle boarder now.  Maybe not.  It's however amazingly fun.  I've been once, made it all the way to the reef and had a sit, quiet calm of just the ocean shuffling over the reef.  Next time I'm packing a sandwich in a plastic bag, tying off to a buoy, and spending a little more time in natural contemplation.   I did not successfully manage any standing time...but can manage pretty well on my knees (not like that perverts).

Real Life - It Ain't All Fun (but none of it's bad) - It has been a long month...lots of work.  We've hit busy season and we've got charters and divers and and and.  I actually work for a change.  I can at least see a light at the end - we have a good plan, we've learned our teams skill sets and are ready to adjust things properly.  Unfortunately we keep getting run over by trains as we attempt to get to that light.  We're making progress.

Every One Loves My Hat - Really how could one not love this hat. Sometimes I don't wear it because I get tired of saying "thank you" and "yes, I made it."  Perhaps I'll open a shop, sell them from the dock.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's Impossible to Hate a Canadian

Freedom & ISIS
Gun Rally & Studio 54

Who said Freedom and Islamic Terrorists can't just get along?!  I submit the photo to the left as evidence that Freedom and Islamic Terrorists can in fact get along...a lot of rum really helps to expedite the process, but it did work none the less.
So - Holiday Hotel Halloween Bash 2014...what a good time!  This party is quite the staple in the lives of those on the fabulous Ambergris Caye.  People from all walks of life, that one doesn't usually see around town (such as Hitler) just hanging out and having a good old time.  Anyone who knows me, knows that while I'm not a big 'dress up' kinda guy.  I am a fan of looking like a moron just for the hell of it.  I would submit the time I tried to go to a Bronco game wearing 3 different shades of blue (which I still see no problem with, but defaulted to the advice of those wiser than me).  So - I wanted to attend the party but wanted to go as something slightly more creative than an "ex-pat" (for you US people that basically means a person that has relocated to the island).  So I had some camo (of course), and my friend Laurie, aka (Studio 54 in the above pic) had about 40 squirt guns.  The result was my costume...I was...ah...not terribly sure.  I might have been a Gun Rally, or Freedom.  Either way I got a surprising number of compliments on my attire.

Matt and Sara
Boola Shark
Even Eric got into the mood.  I have no idea how he ended up with a shark on his head...and I'm pretty sure Sara was rocking the same shark, but super cool they were.

Party Time

Raquel, Hitler, & Sara
Random Guys Pepperoni
Got to party a bit with the islands hottest bar tender...Lola's own Raquel - hands off guys, word on the streets is that "Clark Kent" guy she was with may actually be Superman.  Not a fight the average Joe needs to pick.

There were a load of really cool costumes.  Most of which I failed to get pics of because my 4 year old POS HTC sucks...I'm getting my spiffy Nokia with the 41 MP camera unlocked on Monday - SO over blowing great shots with the crap camera phone.  But I did capture this dudes pepperoni!

Closing thoughts -

  • I did not win the costume contest...didn't help that we were drinking and watching the UFC fights at Lola's while the main contest was going on (darn...).  
  • 6:45am comes REALLY early in the morning.
  • God blessed my ability to metabolize rum (plus one Fireball shot) telling how much went in, but other being exhausted today I really feel like a million bucks!! 
  • You can try, you can want to, but if you've ever spent even a few quality minutes with a Canadian, you too will know - it's impossible to hate a Canadian. 
    • Please note - I have never "tried" or "wanted" to hate a Canadian...I'm just trying to emphasize a point.  Though these Canadian's keep telling me that the "Canadian bacon" we US folk eat is not really Canadian bacon - which is apparently quite good.  I don't buy it.  I like Canadian's a lot, great people...but I still think their bacon sucks.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Growth doesn't happen with the same ingredients used to create.

What if I told you that passion is also a source of destruction?  That I argued mis-guided passion is a corrosive agent, slowly eating away the core of what that same passion built?  

There are many things that lend to great companies sinking into mediocrity, and eventual collapse. One cause often overlooked is passion; perhaps more accurately, unbridled passion.  Sure I'm aware that the same passion builds amazing things, creates countries, develops ways of life...but not tempering that passion at the right times can have be quiet the corrosive agent - slowly eating away the foundation that it built.  One element is needed for creation, while another is needed for growth.

A key to acknowledge at this point is my belief that passion is a key ingredient, and shared trait, in everyone's favorite person - the micro manager.  At this point I introduce you to my highly technical and completely proprietary chart; The Micro-Management Curve chart (---->).  I hope you read that in a boisterous tone; if not please go back and do so.  As a leader of people, all fall somewhere on this chart.  The passionate micro-manager falls on the right side of the curve.  In the interest of full disclosure I fall on the left side - sure, I wish I was that perfect leader that hit the peak of the curve and rocked it all the time - but I'm not.  I can be a little to absent, and thus be detrimental to my team.    

While hard to hit, we should all be aiming for the sweet spot there.  Side note - iTunes radio is pissing me off...I so badly miss Pandora and I Heart Radio (neither available in Anyway.  The same passion that creates is what lands managers on the right side of the chart, slipping downwards.  At times a good amount can be accomplished with that overly passionate management style; however the opposite is most often the case.  The more direct management oversight you give (micro management) the less productive your team becomes.  

The team stops contributing their thoughts, motivations, and passions.  Hint - you need your team's passion to create new things.  As a manager you've gone and created; don't let your passion be what hinders your teams passion!  If you do, then you are essentially taking your entire team, and throwing them away in favor of yourself - this is NOT a sustainable practice, and it certainly won't lead to further creation and growth of your enterprise.  Most micro-managers that I've known truly do realize the value of their team, and they want the ideas and passion of those team members...they REALLY do.  What they never seem to realize is that the more you "tell them" the less it happens.  Law of diminishing returns I suppose.
I could write chapters on this...hmmm...maybe I will?!  One last thing to consider is your team.  Are you hiring well?  Do you make the right decision in hiring, or the easy decision, maybe the quick decision?  As a manager you must hire the right person, every time, in every situation.  Obviously we don't; I pride myself on great hires (I have made mistakes, but fewer than most).  I take pride (too much likely) in looking back at my hires over the decades; how many have become managers, and now lead teams of their own.  I better stop here - I feel another book coming on... 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Funday Sunday!

 It was a Funday Sunday here in Belize.  The most amazing wing cooker in the land, and our dear friend Sherlette had a birthday today.  She even cooked and served all the people at her own birthday!  Second best jalapeno poppers I've ever had in my life - if she had employed my buddy Marks bacon trick; they would be tops ever.

Twas a great way to start the day.  Yes, lunch was the start to my day - you're text woke me up Matt; but I'm glad cause I might still be sleeping (long night with my brother Eric).  We went to the beach over by Estel's to help our dear friend Sherlette ring in another year.

We had some great food and drink (Fanta tastes much better down here - love that cane sugar).  Met a few members of the family and some extended members as well.  There was even a little dancing on the beach!  No need to rent areas here; no rules and regulations like that.  Bring out some food and a cooler, plop down, dance around, enjoy life.
After that we went up north with a new friend - Elaine (I think...gosh I hope that's right...sorry if it's not), but she's better known as Taco Girl; the blogger.  She has wheels and took us to a nice little swim beach "way" up north - it was probably 6 miles from town; which is certainly within my new definition of "way".  Came back to a quick swim, $1 wings at Lola's, apparently my home team Denver Broncos sported way better than the combatants from Arizona against which they contested.  Now I'm avoiding work by posting this and doing my laundry.  Well I suppose the machine does the heavy lifting, but by gosh it can be tough to set those dials and measure all that soapy stuff.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A month in...

Well I've survived 30 days.  I suppose that shouldn't be much of a surprise, but none the less feels like quite a feat!  I live in a very small world down here.  My general daily radius is easily within a 1/2 mile from my house.  Its such a funny thing - two months ago I drove 25.4 miles to work each morning; just shorter than the total length of this island.  Now to think about going a few miles away requires a bit of planning.  But now I have a bike, and my world is opened a bit.

Used that bike to cruise over the Coco Locos's Beach Bar as they were having a celebration for my anniversary of being here one month!  They called it something about their 2nd Anniversary, but we know way they were really celebrating.  I must say, their rum punch is very pricey ($5 US) but after two I was in no shape to drive...but if I can breath, I can bike.  Coco Loco is a gringo joint...not sure I'll be back much as I like the cheap local places - despite them throwing me a party.

Friends - It's good to have people to hang out with.  Sure I'm a fun guy and all, but I get tired of myself after awhile.  Bingo night Fridays at the Lion's Club proved to be a profitable adventure for me.  Thank you Shelly for the invite!

It's also great to have friends from the states come down.  Brian and Alix made the voyage this month and we had quite the time!  Lots of Pain Killers went down the hatch - learned a very important lesson, pay for the coconut rum and NEVER use the Cream of Coconut some recipes call for; leaves chunks of coconut which is totally gross.  Had to strain that batch as I poured it into cups.  While they were here we went to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley, snorkeled with tons of sharks.  Had some good ole fashion hang out with friends time.  Went to some Belizean Independence day celebrations.  Drank some Orange Joeliuses on a yacht...good times had by all.  More people need to come down!

Nicknames - People always pick up nicknames.  Where they come from is usually hard to pin down; though I shall die being known as BEAV to many!  If I can pin this down it goes something like this - in High School I'd get it done!  Count on me baby!  Well my last name is Beymer...similar to Beaver (a favorite school boy subject...if I must explain then God bless you).  So at some point Mark Gerschefske found a paper with the Leave it To Beaver cast on it.  He cut it out, changed Beaver to Beymer and taped it to my back window...I am the BEAV.  Even the parents of my High School friends still call me Beav.

Down here no one knows that.  I have apparently been given two different names; Big Guy, and Moses.  Big Guy is easy...I'm likely one of the biggest guys on the island.  Though at my current rate they'll only be able to call me that for a few more months.  Walking everywhere, swimming, certainly having some positive effects.  Moses is an interesting one.  A few different people have used it - maybe its the long goatee?  Once a guy yelled "hey Moses!" as I walked past, so I stopped took a few steps into the ocean and lifted my water separated.  Turned back and said - I'm not Moses. I started thinking about it as I've heard it a few more times - in some weird and arrogant way I like the name.  Moses was an introvert, I'm an introvert.  Moses was a great leader of nations...I could only hope to be 1/2 the person that Moses was.  I shall try my best.

Food - Lots of places have been closed through September as it's slow season, and really for the most part I don't eat at restaurants anyway - those are for rich gringos.  The street vendors and the little hole in the wall locals joints are where the amazingness happens.  To hear my folks talk (who have lived in San Pedro for 6 months every year for the past 5 years) about how there is no good food down here...I'm not sure where they eat; guessing those rich gringo joints.

You see that mass of Chicken Chow Mein in that picture?  Well that thing feed me for 3 lunches, yes 3!  It's super yummy and cost of whole $8. Now keep in mind, I'm talking $8 Belize dollars.  At a 2:1 exchange I paid $4 for 3 delicious lunches.  I do enjoy cooking my own food (I made a delicious version of DJ's Berkley Cafe's Kitchen Sink today...yummy - pictured just down and right), but it's really nice to have easy access quality food.  Boogie's Belly (love the name!) being the top of the line.  Stuffed Fry Jacks, stuffed waffles, $5 belize...I can eat an entire meal down here for 1/2 of what most of you pay for your coffee.  Boogie also has the best chicken and waffles I've ever eaten; but a mile!

Lesson in Belizean food - Sausage is NEVER sausage.  It's usually a hot dog, but if it's not a hot dog then its with it.  I was all pumped one morning for pancakes and sausage; it was pancakes and bologna.  Honestly I hadn't had fried bologna in likely 20 years, and when eaten with the pancake it was really quite good. I since have had it in a breakfast burrito - pretty good again.

Dating - Only including this section because several inquiring minds want to know.  I still think "date" is a dirty four letter word.  If I look beyond my jaded self a bit and into an alternate reality not twisted by my personal events - then the logistics really make it tough anyway.  I really don't want to spread stereotypes that may or may not be accurate; so I think it best if I just leave this alone for now.  Let's just say it's a very different culture...husbands have girlfriends, wive's have boyfriends, girls want babies and reasons to latch on.  I want no part of any of that.  So I'm just staying my happy little self away from it all!  Keeping my head down and trying to grow a business right now.

Fun - I will admit there isn't near enough to put in this category. My sense of needing to work and get a handle on the logistics of this company have really left me between the shop and the internet. We did take a sailing vacation for a few days - and that was heavenly.  Nothing like quietly cruising along using the power of the wind - all you hippies and hipsters should be sailors.  I'm a bit ashamed to admit I haven't even scuba dove yet!  I'm a bit's been a few years.  I told the guys next dive at Hol Chan I was going!  That's an easy refresher dive, starts at 3 feet, ends at 30...if the crap hits the fan at 30 feet it's an "easy" accent.

Future - I'm nervous and excited for the future.  Don't really want to share to much at this point; but I see some very promising business ventures on the horizon.  I also see some very very busy times ahead for me too - turns out I'll be running the dive shop for the time being (our wonderful and long time GM is leaving the industry)!  There are several factors that make Belize very hot right now.  I see some significant change and and entire ocean of opportunity.  Even with the potential businesses, my biggest personal goal right now is to get my captains license.  I really want to be able to take a cat out, sail, be in the still quite air.  I watched a YouTube video on sailing I think I'm good.