Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PORN - Food Porn Anyway

Disclaimer - I didn't even proof read this once...and I'm not sorry...it's who am I.

When I think about the most missed items from my previous life, many are food related.  Restaurants, and dishes that you just can't find down here.  I will say there is some phenomenal eating in and around San Pedro - and if you know where to go you can really knock out some amazing culinary experiences.  They don't all have to come from a restaurant either - I fancy myself a pretty good cook really (had you sampled the grouper I just cooked you would likely disagree...but I can't nail them all).

I tend to enjoy telling stories as I write - but my brain is kinda fried.  So while thinking and remembering these events as I re-count them for you; I won't be using my normal story telling style, but more just a 'here's a picture and description of the event' type of approach.  Or they at least won't be one cohesive story..eh, we'll see what comes out.

street meatHome Cooking is often underrated.  I'm not a genius in the kitchen, but I have a few dishes that I like to think I've conquered. Tacos is one for sure.  I make an crazy good taco.  My secret?  I do have a proprietary sauce that is yumilicious.  But really in my opinion the shell is the biggest factor.  There are a million taco vendors here and they all have one major issues - the shell is instantly soggy and the goodies fall out the bottom.  It's really not tough to make a decent taco but apparently I'm the only one here that can.  Casserole's are my other favorite - not for the yum factor, but you cook once and eat for days.  

Home cooked desserts are also fun times.  This little beauty is a S'mores dip...chocolate, marshmallow, grahams to dip in.  Sara made that little gem.  I will be copying her - but I'm gonna slip some peanut butter chips in mine.

Meatball grinderSo I'm not sure this is a new place (new owners at least), but certainly new for me - Island Buzz Cafe and Grill.  So happy I found this place; thank you to my friends over at 365 Belize for their write up that got me moving that far south to try this place (not that its far south - it's right by Island Academy (but that's way outside of my normal 3 block radiu); for a much more professional review of this joint check out their post.
Philly Cheese SteakI originally tried this place for breakfast with Laurie (aka Tacogirl.com) and was floored with the attention to detail in the food.  I can't tell you how long it's been since I've had a proper croissant.  Flaky, layers, amazing.  Lunch with my brother the next day was just as staggeringly delicious.  Yes my fellow San Pedronos...a great sandwich is available on this island - no more going to Caye Caulker just to visit Paradiso Deli.  I had the special, a meat ball grinder, and my brother did the Philly.  From bread to ball and even over to cole slaw and potato things...greatness.  Attention to detail that you can taste. Even the blackberry cobbler (not pictured cause I ate it) was PERFECT.  No doughie grossness; a crisp flaky layer with great black berries just below.  I can still taste that meatball, slightly crisp exterior with juicy tasty interior.  The will be having lobster specials now as well...they only have 3 table so I don' know where everyone will sit, but we'll sort it.  They also do box lunches and such for events.  

filet mignon  Finally got south and tried Black Orchid...despite the lack of menu prices on the website I broke my rule and went.  So glad I did.  My brother and I started with some meatballs - amazing.  Great choice.  I'm gonna actually call this a meat salad so our meal appears healthier.  What we really came for was the steak. We're simple men - meat, potato, rum.  I went with a bit of a surf and turf option and was happy for it.  The shrimp was good...the steak was great.  I think Eric's official review was - "You can tell this was marinated in love...I don't even want to swallow."  I couldn't say it any better than that.  So - natural question - I love Casa Picasso, I love Black Orchid.  So which is my favorite?  Now I know what parents mean when they say they can't choose a kid...ugg.  Well...both.  I think about it all, from the great reception, caring owners, joyful faces and service, atmosphere, FOOD, and I can't pick a clear favorite.  There are items that each does better than the other.  I'm not going to say them though - I think both of these places stand atop a big heap together and should be experienced by the masses.

 <---That is Eric's "pure steak joy face".  Really I don't know when I've seen him near as happy as when he's eating a great filet.  On a separate note I was lucky enough to attend Red Cross welcome dinner at Casa Picasso, which is of course and mainstay favorite of mine.  I had, you guessed it, the filet; and I must stay Chef Jeff is doing an amazing job at CP; he's really killing it in this dudes opinion.  Back to the food. My neighbors on both sides had some Bacon Jam Mac & Cheese for dinner; dear Sara Jean was kind enough to let me dip my filet in her left overs - so we're talking a perfectly cooked amazing filet with cheesey bacony friends all having a party with your taste buds.  It was likely one of the greatest things that has ever been in my mouth.
Rum Fireball Blackhawks
If you haven't had the wings at Lola's then you're life isn't complete. The grilled cheese and tomato soup is also an amazing combo...simple style comfort food.  Who doesn't love dipping a cheese sandwich in tomato soup?!  Cheers to the Blackhawks!  Thanks for a fun time Steve, Trevor, Jean, my new Irish friends, and of course Robbie...never ever ever let me leave a bar with Robbie ever ever ever again...never.  Well, until the next time!

I've noticed that I have many many "thoughtful/emotional" blogs 1/2 way written.  I never seem to able to finish them; largely for fear of causing "innocent people" some sort of emotional distress...but I'm working on them.