Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wolverine Slept at My House

Skitchin' is a common method of transport around here - grab onto a cart and let them power your bike.  Roads are bumpy so pictures can by difficult...especially lining up a panorama shot! Great shot given the conditions Sara.
I'm not sure where to go with this blog post - it was a pretty busy week and weekend; plenty of blog worthy bits and at different times thought about going so many different ways with it.  So I think I'll just start on the adventures of life on Ambergris Caye side of things and see where it takes me.

Bottom row (L to R) - Mark, Matt, Linda
Me. Upper row (L to R) - Maria, ??, ??
First I would like the humbly apologize to the lady in the back row of that picture on the left there - see she's picky something out of her teeth...or maybe getting ready to eat a booger...not sure (she's not eating a booger!!  That was a joke people!!).  Either way - I had to roll with this picture as it's the only one I took.  David and Linda were kind enough to invite us on their catamaran (the Cas Cat) for a Sunset Sail.  It was a nice little trip.  I really enjoy being on the water and the great thing about their boat is being much closer to the water, you can hear and feel it (though once the sun goes away you really don't want to feel it).  Fantastic Rum Punch as well!!  It was a great time with great friends.  Very happy to have them as friends, neighbors and business colleagues.

View from Amber @ Caribbean Villas
Super Sunday!!  And apparently there was some sort of game being played?  My view started at Caribbean Villas - where we began what became a 12 hour rum odyssey. Watching the ocean, sipping some drinks, listening to DJ Hoy...good times.  It was fairly interesting when I looked around the table and realized that of the dozen or so there - only 4 of us were Americans.  Just an interesting realization that my current "social group" is really short of Americans. Only a few months ago it was 100% US folk and now here I am and my group was 33% US folk - and two of them don't usually hang with us.  Diversity is a great thing - and really makes life a lot more fun (potential blog topic...maybe another time).

Superbowl @ Sandbar
On to that Superplate or Dumperbowl or whatever 'sportsing' event took place.  We caught the first 1/2 at Sandbar which is a nice little spot just north of us; amazing pig roast...OMG they can roast a piggy. At this point me and the Boola are about 6 hours into our RumBowl; by the time I worked out the math on what seemed like a light bill I realized I kinda forgot to tell the bartender I ate a plate of pork...so I didn't get charged for it...so I totally owe you guys some money. I hear the pizza is really good too; some day soon I hope to find out!  And pay for my delicious pork meal *insert Homer Simpson drooling noise now*.

SuperBowl @ Lola's
On to watch the half time show and the second half of the contest of sport.  Half time was exciting - Sara and I were REALLY hoping for a complete wardrobe malfunction...didn't happen, but I did get to see my boobs later that night (okay mid the next morning).  Lola's was crazy busy, but all hands were on deck and drinks were coming out quick.  Met a cool judge man from Mississippi and his daughter and her friend...but that is a story for my man Mark to tell.  I was however fortunate enough to run into a woman I've been "crushing on" (I think is what the kids say these days).  It was brief, she was on her way out with her friends - headed up to their local bar.  I did get a touch, a smell, and smile - about all I need these days.  Anymore tends to lead to train wrecks - though I may have to spend a bit more time at her local bar now!  

Me and Mark
SIDE NOTE - "Local Bar" has a very different meaning down here.  In the States my favorite local watering hole was about 1.5 miles away and I past several drinking establishments on the way.  In San Pedro - my local bar is 100 yards away - and 'cute lady I may have no chance with but you'll all know as it will be blog worthy either way's' local bar is about 3/4 a mile away.  3/4 mile is not local down here...it's a journey - one I am most willing to make!

Here's my full, complete, and very in depth analysis on the OkayFork, or water that contest of sport was - Two groups men sported in a competitive fashion. One of the groups sported better than the other group; which lead to them achieving a greater number of tally marks, thus they were named as the victor of the contest.  

I've been drinking for 8 hours, my own brother just went to bed.  I should too...screw that - I'm hanging out with Wolverine, and the Reef View Massive! TO PEDRO'S!!!

From here on out it's really Marc's story to tell - a story of hot chicks, lust, and ultimate loss (none for me, which I'm cool with, too much trouble).  It was an adventure, but not my adventure.  I just chatted with Matt, Linda, Keith, and Amy for a few hours...ended up at Central Park with a great steak burrito and calm night all in all...the way I like it.  headed home..

Or are we - no... TO JAGUAR'S!!!
Okay we didn't make it to Jags...long story I don't feel like recounting - also not my story to tell again!  Fun night, fun day, awesome to hang out with new friends - good luck on the world journey Mark, and I'm happy as heck to let a great guy use my apartment.  That's right people - Wolverine slept in my house.

View from Greg's back yard
Me and Greg
Back to work - for a day - then hung out with Greg and the Ecologic cast for his BDay at night.  I have a great team of people.  So much fun to hang out with them, and Greg makes an amazing chicken dip!

I really should go work now.  My buddy Brian in coming in about a month for "a month" (it's really 3 weeks...)...may effect my productivity.

For the record it's been 4 hours since my last proof read and I did no work...

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