Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fish, BBQ,, ah, Bloggers!

Me and Boola - not my fish... 
Couple minor adventures have taken place since last we spoke. Went deep sea fishing for the first time, ate some BBQ at a fundraiser BBQ cook off thing,  Likely some other cool stuff I'm just not remembering right now...will work on that.  Fun stuff and some food porn ahead.

Gaylynn & Morgan
The Godfather and his Wahoos
So yeah - fishing.  I'm not a big fisherman.  I love going to the river, lake, or pond with my pole and chair.  Though I usually cast out an empty hook so I can just sit and enjoy nature all day. I mean really, who wants a bunch of fish ruining your day by making you work? I think I've covered this in a blog already - but meals I have to work for are not meals I'm interested in.  Fish is fine and all, but not interested in wrestling the bastards myself, just like I don't like to peel, though I love to eat, shrimp and I would be SO much happier if baked potatoes came out of the oven split open, insides mixed up with butter, salt, and pepper already in there.  We can genetically engineer anything! I've eaten apples that taste like grapes (so good). When will my damn potato have butter, salt, and pepper pre-grown into it?!  Can't be that hard.

Oh yeah, sorry - fishing.  We rode in a boat, we caught WAY to many fish for my liking, we went home, cleaned fish, bought a taco for dinner.  Eric pulled in a Wahoo, I pulled in about 30 billion Barracuda (couple monsters too), but the big winner was the Godfather; Shawn pulled in 2 Wahoo showing us all how it is done.  The most interesting moment was when a fish got off the gaf still alive, people were jumping out of the way all over - poor Victor took a mighty fin slap to the harry boys...I haven't seen him since but I assume he survived. Another fun moment was when a Barracuda we thought was dead came roaring back to life - leapt out of the box as a vampire barracuda I'm sure.  It went right for the Godfather's achille's (just like in 1000 Ways to Die!!).  Luckily Shawn's stealthy reflexes meant he was able to narrowly escape a certain death.  I highly recommend ForTuna - another great Ecologic partner.  Call us to book!  Full day and half day tours are available.

Who wants some Wahoo?!

My pile of Barracuda - well, mostly mine

"We pull up fish after of these times I just want it to be a cow." - Easton Beymer (mid way through our sail across the Caribbean, Tuna were plentiful...cows not so much).

4th Annual BBQ Fundraiser - I was kinda bummed cause I thought it was the 3rd Annual and was gonna have so much fun with how they say "turd" instead of 3rd down here...but it was the 4th annual, so I pretty much flushed my whole comic routine right down the crapper.  See what I did there?  Turd - crapper...hehehe. <--- poop jokes - another reason I'll never be a professional ah, blogger.

Sunshine doing the 50/50
Keith and bank rocking the event
 First a note - I did not win the 50/50 draw...but I know the lady very well that did. Though I won't mention the name of a big cash winner on the internet I will say that I cannot think of a more deserving person to have won this draw!  Thank you so very much to all the people that contributed their hard earned money to the Sunshine folks - very worthy cause, and know that the lady that won the pot is a great contributor to our community and is an overall star of human kind!

My plate of angel ribs

Boola about to chow
 This is where I tell you about all the different ribs right?  Not so much.  I'll leave that to the professionals, I'm gonna go rogue...largely cause I don't know who won.  I do know that my personal favorite was the judge's choice!  Yellow was amazing because of the spice...OMG...yum.  It was far to hot for the other people at my table, but it was just a phenomenal heat and flavor.  So often people will go for hot and forget about flavor; but this was the perfect combination of the too.  I do know that Charles, the reigning champ and host, was not in my top 3 for Charles. However - I voted largely on flavor, and I like spice. Charles had one very important thing going for him; best cooked by far.  His meat fell off the bones. The other guys all had the problem that I had to rip and pull with my teeth.  When Charles's rib touched my lips the meat jumped off the bone and landed in my mouth.  Thank you for that Charles.  I do need to know one thing - who made those beans?!  Holy delicious sides that made the meal!  I'm guessing Estel's, and therefore 'Charles was in charge' of it.  They were amazing.  Some sort of meat in there, or just 1/2 crushed beans...not sure, just amazing.  I'd eat a bowl of just those.  In fact - I'm going to Estel's for breakfast tomorrow.  Join me?

So it was a good time!  In closing - I've left a little game below.  We have a couple famous bloggers on the island; both of which I'm fortunate enough to know.  If you look at the picture below you will see - what could be - the only picture in the known universe to capture them both (neither terribly well, but this is a once in a lifetime shot that couldn't be passed up).  That's right, I captured two famous bloggers with one stealthy shot.  These famous bloggers are often read, but rarely photographed; where as I am often photographed and rarely read. One of them may have even authored a threat that I was "going down!" if I posted this picture...well I trip regularly, and my readership is an astonishing 5...really I'm surprised the internet hasn't removed me already. Therefore I find the threat very interesting.  Where am I going to go down to?  (Answer required....)  So if you made it all the way to the bottom of this then you have two options; consider yourself one of five people in the world with truly exceptional taste, or wonder what the hell you're doing with you life and go outside and play.  I for one am about to go outside and play.

Find and name the Bloggers and win a PRIZE!!!!

Iranian saying of the day - 'When two camels pass in the desert, then they were going opposite directions.'

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