Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's Always the Team

There's a grip of things to talk about - but man I'm having a hard time finding the motivation, and if I keep putting it off then it will be such old news no one will really care (I typed that a week ago...so now it is all REALLY old new. Also, the more I think about it, the more I think I want to go a completely different way.  So - I think I'll just throw some pics up with very brief descriptions and hit topics largely unrelated to any of the weeks happenings.

Grant got married - 10 minute ceremony and hours of party...perfect.  Carnaval happened.  That was a wikked cool experience!  Bought clothes just to destroy them.  Went to a party with Captain Jack Sparrow as an official rum taster for an world famous blogger.  My official review - "the rum was...liquidy". Actual I had more to say, check it out on the tacogirl.com site - //tacogirl.com/tiburon-rum-white-a-night-of-flavorful-fun/.
Went on the best Sunset Sail of all time in celebration of Niles (you know him as "Jake from State Farm") and Parker (you know him as the dude I mouth shared a muffin with).  Killer Sail, no other words to describe the fun times had that day.

Roan - Dive Master, Charter Chef
Speared Lion Fish and served it up!
But after the last couple weeks I need to acknowledge that the fun can be had only because of the work.  I owe a great debt to my parents for educating me in my youth that work leads to fun if done right.  So I do my best to do work right; and I am most blessed to have a team that does the same.  Even today (now a couple days ago...I'm a slaker) our General Manager and I were talking about how amazing each and every one on our team truly is.

Charlie - Dive Master, Charter Captain,
Cooking at staff BBQ
We have a crew that comes in and works 6 days a week as a standard.  During busy season it can easily become 7 days a week, and a few of those 12 hours a day (anytime we sail).  The guests at the start of the day express the same amazement as those getting off the sails 12 hours later - utter amazement that each team member is bouncing all over the boat, smiling, cleaning,
Greg - What doesn't this guy do!
Amazing all around Tour Guide
feeding, whatever to take care of the guest...all while truly enjoying the experience.

Janel - Life of the shop!
As part of my job I try to expand our guest base, draw in business from new sources, etc.  I've been working on a tough nut to crack just down the beach that has strictly patronized a local "mega shop" that shall remain nameless.  They sent us 3 divers for a week; one of which was a student.  The 2 experienced divers have been to Belize several times, stayed at the "Tough Nut" and dove with the "Mega Shop" each time.  They left today feeling like our family; and minutes later that "Tough Nut" called me to set up a meeting for next week (now this week!) to send us more divers and set up packages for the future...win...courtesy of the little things this team does daily that no one else delivers...no one.
Shorty - Dive Master, Charter Captain
doing his best to cuddle Pops on a cold ride

I realize I need more picks!  I don't have any good shots a few team members...

As a leader it is always important to remember that you are your team.  Their performance opens the doors.  Their dedication lifts the operations.  I do nothing but help facilitate their greatness.

My bit of managerial advice for the day - don't worry about your guests, don't worry about your potential sources of business; but worry about only one thing.  As a manager (or owner) your focus should be singularly on your team.  Treat them better than they deserve, and let them then live up to that expectation.  Chances are they will.  If you treat your team better than your family - they will shine that to your guests, that word gets out, success will follow.

Thank you to each and every member of the Ecologic team.


  1. Hi! I have been following your blog for several months, I came upon it when reading the several other AC blogs I read. I am coming to AC next month and we want to do a day cruise. Do you only do diving tours? We are not certified and are looking more for snorkeling and time on Caye Caulker. Do you offer such tours? Thank you. Jenny

    1. Hey Jennie! We have two beautiful 50ft Catamarans that we do sailing charters on. One of our most popular is our Caye Caulker Day Sail - it includes snorkel stops at Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley, the sailing to Caye Caulker, we let you eat lunch, then sail back. Leaves about 9am and returns about 6pm. We have food and beverage on board all day! You'll want for nothing! We have a wide variety of snacks, chips, dips, fruits etc. For the adults we have an open bar; beer, rum, mixers, juice, soda, water and we make fresh cut fruit pina coladas. Please email me for booking or more details - kendall@ecologicdivers.com (www.ecologicdivers.com and www.ecologiccats.com)