Friday, September 12, 2014

Invest in People

Being an entrepreneur that has failed more times than I've succeeded, I know the pain in loss and the joys in victory.  The craziness of of entrepreneurial victory is that it doesn't exist in the sense that ones usually considers a "victory", but it exists only in the ability to struggle toward your dream another day - and that is my victory.  Ever failure is a learning opportunity, every victory the same. So based on the Reflective Property of Mathematics - failure is victory.

The above is pretty accurate - but people need to know the mark of a true entrepreneur is that they are willing to hit the ground, and do it all over again, until the plane actually flies.  I fully believe the best investment you can make is an investment in people, and their dreams.

We have a notion that the world of investment works like Shark Tank - that TV show.  But to the vast majority of the world it is nothing like that.  In so many emerging markets $25 goes a long way and can start a person or family on a path to staining themselves and their families; and more importantly feeding their passion for creation, developing industry, and creating additional opportunities. - check it out.  There are other organizations like this, Kick Starter is the popular one these days I suppose.  Charity is great and all; but it's the whole "feed a man a fish vs. teach a man to fish" in my mind.  I like to teach a man to fish, and help him build an opportunity to create life from it.

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