Friday, September 5, 2014

Casa de Kendall

No excuses, doors are open, Casa de Kendall is open and ready to accept visitors.  I have two 'fold flat' sofa/futon things that seem fairly comfortable and a bunk bed in the bed room with a double on bottom and twin on top.  So the total immediate bedding is 7 persons; with plenty of room for an air bed or I just hope some of you folks actually do come and visit.  I figure if all my friends come at once then we'll just squeeze that 8th person somewhere!

I've also got two bathrooms; so no worries about congestion in the mornings. One of which has a separate vanity, so people can be all doing their hair and stuff while other people shower...super duper convenient.  Don't pay for a hotel people...if you really want to waste your money then I'll let you pay for my food!

One major draw back to an otherwise excellent place - no windows on the ocean side!!  I love sleeping with open windows, and ocean breeze is far better than an AC unit.  It's a fully secured building so I was really thinking I'd have some operable windows.  I do have a door to a shared back balcony...but no window.  Even then the door hinges are corroded shut - added to the repair list.  Yes, work is right there out my door.

Another major advantage - roof top 'party' area.  Not that I'm a big party dude, but I can see relaxing to this view -----------------------> and and ice cold Belikin in my hand.  While on the subject, they've started allowing a wider variety of imports; I've found Heineken (sp?), Guinness, and Smirnoff Ice.  I'll likely do most of my work up there too...take a mifi and work away.  Which mean my office, yet again, has no windows!!  I haven't had windows since Las Vegas; what an office, 75% floor to ceiling windows.  Though I spent more time watching planes land than working.  Maybe its a good thing most of my offices don't have windows.  Case in point - I'm writing a long blog and not working right now (though the shop is closed, we're getting killed down here by rain...I'm loving it).

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