Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Mountain" Biking - Texas Style

Took the bike for out one last trip on some dirt today.  If you are riding in Houston Texas you should really bring about 3 times the amount of water you think you will need.  I only doubled my usual take - and it nearly cost me my life (possibly a 'slight' exaggeration there).

A few quick pics of some random stuff:

 Lots of varied beauty in the deep woods of Texas.  From rich over growth to swamps, and lakes.  Really very nice.  The creatures - they can be a challenge.

So the pic below is a demonstration of what you find at least a dozen times a mile...spider webs...in the face.  Lots and lots of webs hitting your face, clinging to your arms, you name it, you're getting a spider web on it.  And yes, of course those webs have spiders on them.  If you need to get used to spiders; maybe you're in training for Fear Factor (is that show still around? don't watch tv much).  Seriously the first mile I nearly turned around, but then I got used to where they would be and went to the side - seemed to work most of the time.  At some point a spider was not too happy with me about this tactic.  He climbed up my back, over my helmet and dangled himself right off my visor - he was all like "dude...what the hell?"  I know right!  A talking spider!!!

 I picked up so many spiders it was insane.  At least one stayed around long enough to make a nice web on my helmet - this is after the dangling talking spider.  I got back to my truck, took off a very wet helmet and it was 1/2 covered in web (though now that think about it I most likely just picked the web up on the trail and didn't notice it till the end).  Even the pick above; I had stopped to drink (already emptied the camelback and was on my bottle...wow...not sure why I didn't empty my bottle into my camelback...duh). Went to get on the bike and this guy was inched from my face.

The famous Texas hospitality applies to stick too, or so I thought.  I was ridding along and a stick started to get out of the way for me!  I was blown away watching the stick scoot along...then the bastard tried to eat me.  That wasn't very hospitable.  I considered stopping for a picture, but I was kinda lost, and being between health insurance companies I thought my best bet may be to just continue on...so I did.

Finally found the lake I was looking for - it's Lake Isabel...not sure why Lake Houston Rec Area doesn't have a lake named Houston in it...oddly enough there is a lake named Houston just miles south of the area.

I stand amazed that I was in this park for 4 hours and I saw ONE other person...ONE.  What is wrong with you people.  I have to say; 86 degrees and humid is really not bad.  Sure I was completely soaked through in no time (literally not a dry bit of jersey or short...socks fared okay), but it was nice, kept me cool.

Notes for next time:

  • Wear gloves!!!  OMG my hands were such prunes they hurt to put on the bars.  Once again - no way to dry them
  • Knobby tires were the way to go...
  • By the time you see a turtle it's too late to get your camera out (saw a bunch)  
  • Moving sticks will bite you
  • Bring more water, then more than that
  • Just drive to CO and find a real mountain

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