Saturday, December 27, 2014

So...that was Christmas?

Electric trees at The Phoenix
I've struggled mightily with where to go with this post - it was Christmas and all; but do I just talk about my experience, do I lament a Colorado Christmas, do I get all emotional? Well I'm going to try and do a combo here...cause it was all of those, so I suppose I owe it to you to attempt a recreate of that. However I will do so in clearly defined sections (FYI - I failed); whereas the reality was much more of a mish-mash kinda thing going on (yeah, that is how this posted ended up...for the most part).

The night of the 24th, that's Christmas eve of course, is usually a time of family, a time of calm.  As a kid I'd've been at church, singing carols.  In my adult life I'd spent many Christmas Eves doing just the same.  The saddest part of the 2014 model for Christmas was the snow...or more accurately stark lack there of.  This one did have rum, and Jager, and more rum.  Though the picture on the right would make one think I drank more than my share; this was not the case.  I'm just okay looking like an idiot.  I won some Crazy 8s, hung out with DJ A.Hoy (aka Johnny BoomBox) and sat in a bar that had a bunch of dudes and only two chicks (other than the bar tender) just so happened those two chicks were at my table! SCORE!  Before anyone gets too excited, it was DJ A.Hoy's wife (aka - The Untaggable One, aka Sara), and Karen (Sara's mom) - good company for sure.  They pretty much dominated me at Crazy 8s, but I did win the last game before it was time to put a wig on and allow Linda (another girl arrived!) to live out her life long dream of braiding an ornament in my beard.

Eric (Superman), me and Raquel (Ms. Belize)
After that thrilling shin dig Johnny BoomBox and I dropped the ladies off and and hit the town in real guy night style - one drink, some street tacos, and in bed \before the big hand on my watch had gone around another turn.

I did however get a picture with Ms. Belize!!  I kinda want to go to Lola's now...but I'd rather finish this post and go to bed - we're REALLY busy right now (my brother just informed "I am" accompanying him to Sanbar...okay...twist my arm).

Eric wearing "the wig"
I never knew I had a Mexican brother till now
Christmas morning was much more like Christmas afternoon - had to work a 1/2 day in the am...first time I've worked a Christmas in I don't know how many years!  I can't tag my brother cause that annoys him; but I can apparently post pictures of him wearing the "Ambergris Caye Drunken Wig of Power" (as I have so coined the wig) and post the picture.  It was also nice that this year I really wanted nothing; no material needs down here - so much about life here that everyone should experience.  I did score some sweet gifts, including but not limited to a Wallet Ninja, excellent multi tool, bad ass shirts (including a new Master Baiter them), and the DVD & book set about the making, and post experiences of all the folks involved with Northern Exposure - my favorite TV show of all time.
Our Tree
Family opening gifts

It didn't feel like Christmas.  There was no time off, there was very little family, there was no snow, there were minimal just didn't feel like Christmas.  It doesn't help that these last few weeks have been beyond emotionally confusing on so many levels - yet another slew of unfinished blog posts that will likely NEVER see the light of of the innocent and all (I point at that but in reality I'm still not very good at baring my heart to all...or any really).  It's been a lot of years since I didn't have a nice home cooked breakfast; it was either chorizo burritos or sausage cheese muffins for the last dozen years.  This year it was the 'Belizean Breakfast' at Red Ginger (which I will say is an excellent place to eat; just like all the other unique places on this island...hope this pleases a certain travel writer I upset in a previous post).

Parker, lady I don't know, Victoria and Aimee at the Pig Roast
Victoria the Muffin Nosed Reindeer
Christmas dinner was killer. Sandbar had a Pig and Turkey Roast that was to die for - how much you ask?  $0 - family pot luck style.  I can't wait for the 2nd Annual, and I'm very happy to be able to partake in the 1st Annual.
I ate a lot of meat that night...
The highlight of the night may or may not have been when Parker and I may or may not have split a muffin with each putting 1/2 in each mouth and ripping it apart...allegedly.

David, Linda, Easton, Sue, Eric at the Pig Roast
The 26th was another 1/2 day of work - 1/2 day of fun.  This time the fun was taking the whole Ecologic Team out on a nice little sail with snacks, music, and beverages.  I have no pictures cause Pops took about a million and they are on his camera...and likely will be for rest of eternity. Lots of hanging out and relaxing, lots of wind in my hair, lots of easy ways to impress kids - like the feeding the birds with the hand trick; kids love that and I haven't lost a finger yet.  Charlie and I also had a nice moment with Janel...we "Night at the Roxbury'd" her a good one.  When Charlie and I get going you can't get away to save your life!

My friend Barbara posted about how Christmas just wasn't the same this year (her and her hubby's first on the island as well).  I can certainly echo that (and I do paraphrase this from her) - though we live in a physical paradise, many people really don't realize that it isn't an emotional paradise.  No longer paraphrasing, back to my thoughts.  The contrast can be staggering between the sunny beauty that surrounds us here daily, and the dark sadness that can invade the lives of those in this wonderland.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not is some state of deep depression.  I do feel some sadness about many things; however have both decided to not talk about them and I tend to look at the bright side anyway...I like to earn the moniker "Optimist Prime" as given by Tristan.  So anyway, I will look to an entire ocean of possibilities, the friends I've made (both here and abroad), the friends and family back home (I didn't realize I referred to some unknown place in the States as "home" till the 3rd proof read - my subconscious obviously does not find this paradise to be home), and the mountain of challenges that I like to call opportunities.

The New Year will bring some great things...but that's another blog.  Merry Christmas friends, family, people I have yet to meet, and people I'll never meet.    

Buddy loves a Christmas Tree
Bailey loves the lights

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