Thursday, December 11, 2014

We Lit it Up!!

"We Won the Mayor's Award" - by
Who doesn't love a good parade?!  Let me tell you - Belizeans love a parade.  The first month I was here I think they paraded every weekend. Never before have I seen such anxious and happy paraders. In the interest of full disclosure; I myself am not much of a parade fan.  Christmas lights, boats, water, and friends...I can handle that and heck - I'll even parade on it.

Of course it helps to leave a winner too!  An afternoon of stringing lights, a few hours putting around on a boat drinking Captain Beav's Famous Panty Ripphas with friends, and cruising down the coast line while the masses on the beach cheer and cheer, and we wave and wave.  I suppose there is something fun about a parade.  My inner parading Belizean is getting out a bit more I suppose.
SPBRC Boat by Karen Brodie Photography
 I successfully dodged most of the heavy lifting in the decorating game - "working" has its benefits!  Actually I really was working, but work isn't work when you love what you do right. Anyway, after creating a nice batch of Captain Beav's Panty Ripphas it was time to decorate.  So I headed over to the Ambergris Diver's dock (thanks for the boat chaps...mine will be in action next year) and strung lights for an hour or so - the crew had things well in hand prior to my arrival.
DJ Matt & the Smoking Lounge was on the upper deck - by
After that is was cruising fun with friends, cheering, waving, and other such general parade type festivities.  I got to practice my ninja skills when Sara dropped a flash light off the upper deck; using my matrix/ninja ability I successfully snagged it if a no look behind the back grab as it was about to plunge into its final resting place.  OR. It fell on the foot rail to the bow, then slide down and literally landed in my hand.  One of those is true - my new friend Robyn was there chatting with me and witnessed the whole thing.  She can verify that the first version may be a true fact...maybe.  

Gotta also say - DJ Matt spun a nice little mix that had my man John Denver singing Country Roads in a whole new way.  Way to spin it Matt (or what ever terminology you use to give some positive credit to the DJ).  

Screw it - getting really tired of formatting this blog around pictures you'll just have to read now and look at pictures later - if that's too challenging...well I don't blame you.  I'm the one that has deemed it too challenging to format any longer!

After Party was of course at Lola's (photo Trevor Manager/Owner is down below).  Was a good time - love spending Holiday hours with friends.  Thank you Laurie (better known as, and Karen Brodie (Karen Brodie Photography) for the pics - I hope I credited you both appropriately. Thank you David as well for paying people to pose with me and posting it on Facebook in an attempt to extort $20 out of me...didn't work buddy!

Next year I'm thinking both Cats will be entered.  Now accepting ideas for decorations.  Santa riding a shark won the grand prize this year.  We can beat that people!!

My Belizean life lesson for the day - It may not be a Colorado Christmas...but that doesn't mean it can't be an awesome Christmas. 
David paid these ladies a lot of money to I figured I should at least post the picture!  Thank you David for being the life of the party - and the only pirate I'd let board by dinghy...that sounds bad. by Karen Brodie Photography
Karen Brodie by
Afterparty at Lola's by

Santas and Elves by

Trevor by Karen Brodie Photography

Parker's Choice for Photobomb of the night - by
Dragon - by Karen Brodie Photography

Lucky Devil - by Karen Brodie Photography

Shark - by Karen Brodie Photography

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