Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Things I Miss

Camping river Colorado
Okay, to properly get into a frame of mind close to where I am - maybe that will make this post better - you'll need to crack a Shock Top, or a Blue Moon, or even a PBR...ah...a PBR.  When I land (whenever that happens) in the states I'll be buying a case on the way "home".

Home.  Where the hell is that?  I typed it up there, then had to go back and put the quotation marks around.  Like it was a solid place in my mind...'home'...was a solid place.  But it isn't.  I'm in the middle I'd say.  Between here and there.  I loved it there.  I love it here.  Very different reasons for both - and likely nothing that can ever be combined into one place.  Has anyone found that one perfect place?  Does it exist?  Maybe for them.  Not for me.

ANYWAY - enough of that...have you cracked that beer?  Now turn on your preferred music player service; Pandora, iWhatever, Amazon Prime for me (thank you Amazon for a decent player that works in Belize and doesn't suck up hardly any bandwidth).  Plug in one of the following stations - John Denver, Mumford, no...make it John Denver; but the Amazon one is better than the iWhatever one.

There needs to be a strong point made right here - no people are being mentioned in this post.  Not because I don't miss anyone!  I miss loads of people terribly.  But there's simply not enough space on blogger to describe all the people I miss and all the ways I miss them.  So don't be offended that you aren't listed - cause you ARE MISSED.

BMW Rally Racd
Big Red Racing - Rally Colorado
A rally race weekend - Man o man.  What an amazing time those are.  Road tripping with the boys (sorry...NO NAMES!!); even towing disasters lead to plenty of cool experiences and adventures.  A couple days of driving, a few days of mad wrenching and racing and running all over the place. Basically no sleep, little food, some beers here and there, lots of sweat, some tears (from knuckle busting usually), and endless good times.  Must do that again.

Long camp trips - totally unplugged.  It was awesome...I'd tell people "I'll be checking my phone at least once a day here and there over the next week or so till I get back" and I fully intended to.  Then I pulled off onto the dirt, and by the time I was 10 miles from nowhere and even farther from electricity and cell service - that phone sat in the console for the next week.  Oops.   Time with the people on these trips was some of the best time I ever spent in my life.  One year I spent 3 days alone in the bush before they arrived.  I went to "stake" out a campsite and was more than happy to spend a bit of time naked in nature.  I hunted my dinner and scavenged my lunch...scavenged out of the cooler and hunted steaks from the icebox.

I wonder if I'll die if I go too long without looking at the world from the top of a mountain.  Seeing peaks upon endless peaks.  Wondering how a world with so many people on it can seem so vast and empty.  Feeling the chill of the mountain breeze work it's way throw your layered clothes and onto your skin.

Mountain biking, sledding, hiking, road biking - even though I tended to keep to the bike trails as I didn't want to get run over.

Sitting on my patio.  Thunder storms, chasing tornados, rain, hot chocolate as the snow falls...

A dear friend once called me a Hobbit.  As I look at the adventures of life, and the things I miss...I realize more and more she is right.  I'm a Hobbit.  Even my feet are hairy.

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