Sunday, October 5, 2014

Funday Sunday!

 It was a Funday Sunday here in Belize.  The most amazing wing cooker in the land, and our dear friend Sherlette had a birthday today.  She even cooked and served all the people at her own birthday!  Second best jalapeno poppers I've ever had in my life - if she had employed my buddy Marks bacon trick; they would be tops ever.

Twas a great way to start the day.  Yes, lunch was the start to my day - you're text woke me up Matt; but I'm glad cause I might still be sleeping (long night with my brother Eric).  We went to the beach over by Estel's to help our dear friend Sherlette ring in another year.

We had some great food and drink (Fanta tastes much better down here - love that cane sugar).  Met a few members of the family and some extended members as well.  There was even a little dancing on the beach!  No need to rent areas here; no rules and regulations like that.  Bring out some food and a cooler, plop down, dance around, enjoy life.
After that we went up north with a new friend - Elaine (I think...gosh I hope that's right...sorry if it's not), but she's better known as Taco Girl; the blogger.  She has wheels and took us to a nice little swim beach "way" up north - it was probably 6 miles from town; which is certainly within my new definition of "way".  Came back to a quick swim, $1 wings at Lola's, apparently my home team Denver Broncos sported way better than the combatants from Arizona against which they contested.  Now I'm avoiding work by posting this and doing my laundry.  Well I suppose the machine does the heavy lifting, but by gosh it can be tough to set those dials and measure all that soapy stuff.

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  1. Sure sorry we missed Sherlette's birthday! I sounds like a wonderful day.