Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's Impossible to Hate a Canadian

Freedom & ISIS
Gun Rally & Studio 54

Who said Freedom and Islamic Terrorists can't just get along?!  I submit the photo to the left as evidence that Freedom and Islamic Terrorists can in fact get along...a lot of rum really helps to expedite the process, but it did work none the less.
So - Holiday Hotel Halloween Bash 2014...what a good time!  This party is quite the staple in the lives of those on the fabulous Ambergris Caye.  People from all walks of life, that one doesn't usually see around town (such as Hitler) just hanging out and having a good old time.  Anyone who knows me, knows that while I'm not a big 'dress up' kinda guy.  I am a fan of looking like a moron just for the hell of it.  I would submit the time I tried to go to a Bronco game wearing 3 different shades of blue (which I still see no problem with, but defaulted to the advice of those wiser than me).  So - I wanted to attend the party but wanted to go as something slightly more creative than an "ex-pat" (for you US people that basically means a person that has relocated to the island).  So I had some camo (of course), and my friend Laurie, aka (Studio 54 in the above pic) had about 40 squirt guns.  The result was my costume...I was...ah...not terribly sure.  I might have been a Gun Rally, or Freedom.  Either way I got a surprising number of compliments on my attire.

Matt and Sara
Boola Shark
Even Eric got into the mood.  I have no idea how he ended up with a shark on his head...and I'm pretty sure Sara was rocking the same shark, but super cool they were.

Party Time

Raquel, Hitler, & Sara
Random Guys Pepperoni
Got to party a bit with the islands hottest bar tender...Lola's own Raquel - hands off guys, word on the streets is that "Clark Kent" guy she was with may actually be Superman.  Not a fight the average Joe needs to pick.

There were a load of really cool costumes.  Most of which I failed to get pics of because my 4 year old POS HTC sucks...I'm getting my spiffy Nokia with the 41 MP camera unlocked on Monday - SO over blowing great shots with the crap camera phone.  But I did capture this dudes pepperoni!

Closing thoughts -

  • I did not win the costume contest...didn't help that we were drinking and watching the UFC fights at Lola's while the main contest was going on (darn...).  
  • 6:45am comes REALLY early in the morning.
  • God blessed my ability to metabolize rum (plus one Fireball shot) telling how much went in, but other being exhausted today I really feel like a million bucks!! 
  • You can try, you can want to, but if you've ever spent even a few quality minutes with a Canadian, you too will know - it's impossible to hate a Canadian. 
    • Please note - I have never "tried" or "wanted" to hate a Canadian...I'm just trying to emphasize a point.  Though these Canadian's keep telling me that the "Canadian bacon" we US folk eat is not really Canadian bacon - which is apparently quite good.  I don't buy it.  I like Canadian's a lot, great people...but I still think their bacon sucks.

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