Saturday, October 4, 2014

A month in...

Well I've survived 30 days.  I suppose that shouldn't be much of a surprise, but none the less feels like quite a feat!  I live in a very small world down here.  My general daily radius is easily within a 1/2 mile from my house.  Its such a funny thing - two months ago I drove 25.4 miles to work each morning; just shorter than the total length of this island.  Now to think about going a few miles away requires a bit of planning.  But now I have a bike, and my world is opened a bit.

Used that bike to cruise over the Coco Locos's Beach Bar as they were having a celebration for my anniversary of being here one month!  They called it something about their 2nd Anniversary, but we know way they were really celebrating.  I must say, their rum punch is very pricey ($5 US) but after two I was in no shape to drive...but if I can breath, I can bike.  Coco Loco is a gringo joint...not sure I'll be back much as I like the cheap local places - despite them throwing me a party.

Friends - It's good to have people to hang out with.  Sure I'm a fun guy and all, but I get tired of myself after awhile.  Bingo night Fridays at the Lion's Club proved to be a profitable adventure for me.  Thank you Shelly for the invite!

It's also great to have friends from the states come down.  Brian and Alix made the voyage this month and we had quite the time!  Lots of Pain Killers went down the hatch - learned a very important lesson, pay for the coconut rum and NEVER use the Cream of Coconut some recipes call for; leaves chunks of coconut which is totally gross.  Had to strain that batch as I poured it into cups.  While they were here we went to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley, snorkeled with tons of sharks.  Had some good ole fashion hang out with friends time.  Went to some Belizean Independence day celebrations.  Drank some Orange Joeliuses on a yacht...good times had by all.  More people need to come down!

Nicknames - People always pick up nicknames.  Where they come from is usually hard to pin down; though I shall die being known as BEAV to many!  If I can pin this down it goes something like this - in High School I'd get it done!  Count on me baby!  Well my last name is Beymer...similar to Beaver (a favorite school boy subject...if I must explain then God bless you).  So at some point Mark Gerschefske found a paper with the Leave it To Beaver cast on it.  He cut it out, changed Beaver to Beymer and taped it to my back window...I am the BEAV.  Even the parents of my High School friends still call me Beav.

Down here no one knows that.  I have apparently been given two different names; Big Guy, and Moses.  Big Guy is easy...I'm likely one of the biggest guys on the island.  Though at my current rate they'll only be able to call me that for a few more months.  Walking everywhere, swimming, certainly having some positive effects.  Moses is an interesting one.  A few different people have used it - maybe its the long goatee?  Once a guy yelled "hey Moses!" as I walked past, so I stopped took a few steps into the ocean and lifted my water separated.  Turned back and said - I'm not Moses. I started thinking about it as I've heard it a few more times - in some weird and arrogant way I like the name.  Moses was an introvert, I'm an introvert.  Moses was a great leader of nations...I could only hope to be 1/2 the person that Moses was.  I shall try my best.

Food - Lots of places have been closed through September as it's slow season, and really for the most part I don't eat at restaurants anyway - those are for rich gringos.  The street vendors and the little hole in the wall locals joints are where the amazingness happens.  To hear my folks talk (who have lived in San Pedro for 6 months every year for the past 5 years) about how there is no good food down here...I'm not sure where they eat; guessing those rich gringo joints.

You see that mass of Chicken Chow Mein in that picture?  Well that thing feed me for 3 lunches, yes 3!  It's super yummy and cost of whole $8. Now keep in mind, I'm talking $8 Belize dollars.  At a 2:1 exchange I paid $4 for 3 delicious lunches.  I do enjoy cooking my own food (I made a delicious version of DJ's Berkley Cafe's Kitchen Sink today...yummy - pictured just down and right), but it's really nice to have easy access quality food.  Boogie's Belly (love the name!) being the top of the line.  Stuffed Fry Jacks, stuffed waffles, $5 belize...I can eat an entire meal down here for 1/2 of what most of you pay for your coffee.  Boogie also has the best chicken and waffles I've ever eaten; but a mile!

Lesson in Belizean food - Sausage is NEVER sausage.  It's usually a hot dog, but if it's not a hot dog then its with it.  I was all pumped one morning for pancakes and sausage; it was pancakes and bologna.  Honestly I hadn't had fried bologna in likely 20 years, and when eaten with the pancake it was really quite good. I since have had it in a breakfast burrito - pretty good again.

Dating - Only including this section because several inquiring minds want to know.  I still think "date" is a dirty four letter word.  If I look beyond my jaded self a bit and into an alternate reality not twisted by my personal events - then the logistics really make it tough anyway.  I really don't want to spread stereotypes that may or may not be accurate; so I think it best if I just leave this alone for now.  Let's just say it's a very different culture...husbands have girlfriends, wive's have boyfriends, girls want babies and reasons to latch on.  I want no part of any of that.  So I'm just staying my happy little self away from it all!  Keeping my head down and trying to grow a business right now.

Fun - I will admit there isn't near enough to put in this category. My sense of needing to work and get a handle on the logistics of this company have really left me between the shop and the internet. We did take a sailing vacation for a few days - and that was heavenly.  Nothing like quietly cruising along using the power of the wind - all you hippies and hipsters should be sailors.  I'm a bit ashamed to admit I haven't even scuba dove yet!  I'm a bit's been a few years.  I told the guys next dive at Hol Chan I was going!  That's an easy refresher dive, starts at 3 feet, ends at 30...if the crap hits the fan at 30 feet it's an "easy" accent.

Future - I'm nervous and excited for the future.  Don't really want to share to much at this point; but I see some very promising business ventures on the horizon.  I also see some very very busy times ahead for me too - turns out I'll be running the dive shop for the time being (our wonderful and long time GM is leaving the industry)!  There are several factors that make Belize very hot right now.  I see some significant change and and entire ocean of opportunity.  Even with the potential businesses, my biggest personal goal right now is to get my captains license.  I really want to be able to take a cat out, sail, be in the still quite air.  I watched a YouTube video on sailing I think I'm good.

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