Thursday, October 2, 2014

Power Outage

Power Outage
By Kendall Beymer

Darkness descends in the snap of a finger,
No light remains to find my way,
All appliance have stopped their ceaseless droning;
The oven will not warm my burrito now.

My eyes adjust pulling ambient light from I know not where,
My ears bask in the silence,
My heart beat slows while my breathing follows suit;
I love this moment.

I close my computers as no emails will go,
I open the shades assured the world exists still,
I create a bed on the couch to lay in this perfect moment,
The lights flicker and die once again.

The outdoors beckon me from my cool quiet spot,
Stars so abundant seem to dance in their light,
Cool ocean breeze offering a kind hearted hug,
Oh how I am thankful for this powerless night.

I lay on my couch not a sound to be heard,
My brain turns on like never before,
Eyes viewing life clear as a bell,
Feeling alive in this darkened house.

My thoughts create verse,
My lips form a beat,
My hands tingle the desire to create,
My heart dances about for the freedom it’s found.

The hmm rises and rises,
Lights come to life,
The evening is killed,
My heart sadly returns to reality.

In this moment I've realized two truths;
This world stifles my being,
Opportunity to create suffocated by stimuli,
Light has a time as darkness does too,
I must find that balance to be the best me;

I must buy some candles to heat my burrito.

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